Crop Spraying

While drones are increasingly used in agriculture, our partner UAVenture has set out to build the most advanced crop spraying drone to date. The AirRails autopilot now tightly integrates the SUIND safety suite allowing drones to fly fully autonomous spraying mission without prior knowledge of the fields and obstacles on the way. SUIND provides object detection and avoidance with a powerful dynamic route planning algorithm. This helps the drone to stay clear of obstacles and find an efficient path back to the mission track. SUIND's visual navigation algorithms further support the drone in precisely following the planned route and enable highly accurate landings.

  • Supporting flight speeds of up to 5m/s (obstacle density dependent)
  • Dynamic route planning with millisecond avoidance guidance
  • Highly precise navigation and landing with < 30cm accuracy
  • Accurate navigation even during GPS degradation and failure

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