Introducing SUIND – The missing piece in drone technology

by Michael Spori on 27.08.2020


City skyways filled with drone-like vehicles have long been a staple image of science fiction, and for many of us, a lifelong dream. A few years ago, the advent of small consumer drones brought our dream a little closer to reality. Suddenly, drones were everywhere. Social media was abuzz with amazing aerial videos. In the shadow of this initial hype, a growing number of people and organizations began to understand the tremendous potential of drones in industrial applications. Transportation, remote inspection, agriculture, surveillance, and public safety were just a few of the examples to emerge.

So, why is it then, that most people have never encountered a commercial drone in their everyday life? At SUIND, we believe one of the last remaining barriers to the breakthrough of commercial drones is drone safety. Only when drones can fly truly autonomously, without posing a threat to the public or infrastructure along their flight paths, will we see their mass adoption.

This is why we at SUIND do not intend to build drones ourselves, but rather to enable other people’s drones to meet the highest safety standards. Our vision is to unlock the full potential of drones for the benefit of the planet and humankind. We have set out to build the most advanced safety suite for drones to date. It revolves around three core modules:

  • Safe landing, whether on a predetermined target or by analyzing the ground and identifying the safest place to land

  • Obstacle avoidance, to fly the safest course, no matter where your mission takes you

  • Precise navigation, to guide you even when GPS signal is weak or nonexistent

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The SUIND safety suite is built upon years of world-class research in robotics and computer vision at the Robotics and Perception Group of the University of Zürich. It requires minimal, lightweight hardware and can easily be integrated into any drone. Only having SUIND onboard allows you to focus fully on your mission and have peace of mind as you watch your drone complete its flight.

Once drones are no longer confined to the pages of science-fiction comic books but fill our city skies, performing tasks of every kind, transporting goods from place to place — safer than even our safest planes — that’s when we will consider our mission accomplished.

Until then, we’ll continue to work tirelessly to ensure that your drones fly safely and more autonomously than ever before! To find out more about our Drone Safety and Autonomy Solutions, visit us at, find us on LinkedIn or contact us directly at

May science fiction become a reality!
Kevin Kleber,
Kunal Shrivastava,
Michael Spori,
Davide Scaramuzza