SUIND partners with UAVenture

by Michael Spori on 02.09.2020

SUIND has partnered with UAVenture to bring advanced computer vision to AirRails powered drones. SUIND's safety suite will become a core part of the AirRails autopilot in order to bring crop spraying and seeding operations to the next level.

The AirRails autopilot now tightly integrates the SUIND safety suite to bring the power of computer vision technology to the crop spraying industry. SUIND provides object detection and avoidance with a powerful dynamic route planning algorithm. This helps the drone to stay clear of obstacles and find an efficient path back to the mission track. SUIND's visual navigation algorithms further support the drone in precisely following the planned route, independent of GPS, and enable highly accurate landings. This not only increases the efficiency and coverage of the spraying mission but also the safety of the whole drone operations.

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With SUIND onboard, AirRails clients can now easily plan missions by only selecting the region to be sprayed and no longer having to mark the location of obstacles. This enables spraying operations where manual planning was not practical or possible until now because of a high number of obstacles, such as shade trees on tea plantations.

The system has been developed and tested to be able to operate at the speeds required by typical crop spraying missions instead of the slow speeds at which lot of experimental systems run. Trials will now shift to 10 liter capacity crop sprayers with the first beta testing phase in Asia starting mid Q4, 2020.

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