Our Solution

We are building an AI-based safety-critical software suite for commercial drones that can be easily integrated into any drone. Our system is based on advanced computer vision, AI and control algorithms. It provides a robust and lightweight solution to the challenges of precise navigation, safe landing, and obstacle avoidance. We enable you to unlock the full potential of your drone solutions! Take the step towards fully autonomous operations while flying safer than ever before.

System Integration

One of the strenghts of our software suite is its ability to run on very lightweight, off the shelf hardware. Most of our clients run the entire system on a NVIDIA Jetson Nano and use a MYNT EYE S1030 as VI sensor. The system itself is compatible with a wide variety of autopilots and we offer custom integrations if yours is not already supported.

Safe Landing

Identify landing markers or semantically understand the landing area to filter out any unsafe locations like water bodies or roads. SUIND allows you identify the safest landing spot at any time, no matter if it's a planned or an emergency landing.

Precise Navigation

Ensure centimeter-level navigation accuracy until the final touchdown. Employing our proven in-house visual navigation algorithms we drastically reduce your dependency on inaccurate GNSS or inflexible RTK based navigation.

Obstacle Avoidance

Employ advanced computer vision to detect and avoid any obstacles you come across during your mission. Our smart avoidance path planning immediately present you with a modified route allowing you to seamlessly continue your mission.

Do you want to learn how we can help you to make your drones safer and more powerful than ever before? Reach out to us today!