We envision a future shaped by drones that assist us in our daily lives and revolutionize entire industries. To achieve this we work tirelessly on making drones safer than ever before.

What we do

We present a novel system to dramatically improve the safety of commercial drones. Employing advanced computer vision, AI, and control algorithms it provides a solution to the challenges of precise navigation, safe landing, and obstacle avoidance. The system is robust, lightweight, and attachable to any platform. SUIND will enable you to unlock the full potential of your drone solutions! Take the step towards fully autonomous operations while flying safer than ever before.


Safe Landing

Understand the landing area and filter out any unsafe locations like water bodies or roads to ultimately identify the safest landing spot

Precise Navigation

Ensure centimeter-level navigation accuracy until the final touchdown, employing our proven in-house visual navigation algorithms

Obstacle Avoidance

Employ advanced computer vision to avoid any obstacles and identify alternative paths both in flight and while landing

Founding Team

Kunal Shrivastava

Co-Founder & CEO

MSc. ETH Zurich in Robotics, Systems and Control

Kevin Kleber

Co-Founder & CTO

MSc. ETH Zurich in Robotics, Systems and Control

Michael Spori

Co-Founder & COO

M.A. HSG in Business Innovation

Davide Scaramuzza

Co-Founder & Advisor

PhD ETH Zürich, Director of the Robotics and Perception Group at UZH